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IRISH pop star Tony Lundon is set to knock Ronan Keating off the top of the UK single charts today.

The 22-year-old singer from Galway is a member of Liberty X - a group made up of the five Popstars finalists who didn't win the TV show.

The band's song Just A Little will be their first No1, proving the doubters who dubbed them "Flopstars" wrong.

Delighted Tony said last night: "It's fantastic. We always hoped the song would do well for us but we weren't expecting to go all the way to No1 at this early stage of our career.

"It's only our third single. I do feel a bit bad stealing the top spot from a fellow Irishman but I'm sure Ronan won't mind too much."

Tony also admitted that he was GLAD he didn't win Popstars because life has worked out much better for him and the rest of Liberty X - Michelle Heaton, Jessica Taylor, Kelli Young and Kevin Simm.

He said: "Thank God I didn't win because in a year and a half the five of us have written 10 tracks for our debut album. …