Food: One Fair Lady; Martine McCutcheon Has Evolved in Front of Our Eyes from a Teen Chubster into a Glam Stage Starlet. What's Been Eating her?(Features)

Article excerpt

Byline: Words: Claire Irvin and Tim Oglethorpe

Martine McCutcheon's varied career has been mirrored by her fluctuating weight. Illness, reported thyroid problems and a turbulent love life have all contributed to yo-yo dieting - until she changed her eating habits by following a militaristic eating plan.

The meal deal

The blood-type diet is based on the theory that each person's blood type (Martine is A) is the key to their health, fitness and emotional well-being. Each blood group - O, A, B and AB - has beneficial, neutral and `poisonous' foods which prevent weight loss and add to ill-health. The theory extends to exercise plans and stress-busting methods, too. Martine's best blood-group exercise is yoga, and she says it's really chilled her out.

The up side...

It's true that following this diet can increase energy levels and general well-being, although it didn't stop Martine from frequently failing to turn up to perform in My Fair Lady. In recent months, though, she's looked radiant. Although there is a weight-loss version to follow, the diet wasn't developed as a slimming plan. However, devotees swear their systems digest food quicker, leading to weight loss. It also slows ageing - so good news on the wrinkle front.

The downside...

This diet is so specific that eating out can be difficult. It's also tricky if you live with someone - especially if their blood type dictates the opposite foods to you. A spag bol supper may mean one of you sucking up the spaghetti while the other scoffs the sauce.


l A little bit of what you fancy does you good.

l Swap red meat for chicken and fish.

l Drink pineapple juice by the trough - it's a good, honest hangover cure.

l Dine in fancy places where they understand your needs - her faves include The Ivy, Sugar Reef and The Mayfair Club with Cilla Black, Dale Winton and Liza Minnelli. …