Seminars. (Summer Listings 2)

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PLACE: Rockhaven Center for
       Holistic Living,
       House Springs, MO
TIME: Aug. 5-9, 2002
DESCRIPTION: Feminist Liberation Theology
Week -- Presenter: Mary John Manazan,
president of St. Scholastica College,
Manila, books include "Women Questions
in the Philippines"; contributing editor
"Encyclopedia of Women: Global Issues
and Knowledge." Women from various
faith traditions, cultural backgrounds and
geographical regions come together to theologize
in a diverse group. There are two
sessions each day, combining input and
exchange. The setting and structure are
quite informal, in rural Missouri, just 40
miles from downtown St. Louis. Cost: $400
for residents; $300 for commuters. $50 nonrefundable
registration fee is due July 15.
Contact: Rockhaven Center for Holistic Living,
7621 Rivermont Trail, House Springs,
MO 63501. Phone: (636) 671-3623.


PLACE: The Oratory, Rock Hill, SC
TIME: Sunday, June 16-Wednesday,
      June 19, 2002
DESCRIPTION: "Visions in Faith" is a summer
seminar for theology renewal. …