Spreading Vegetarianism. (Letters from Our Readers)

Article excerpt

It takes tremendous courage for a publication to address the pink elephant steak sitting in the boardroom of so many environmental organizations ("The Case Against Meat," cover story, January/February 2002). I think many such groups fear mentioning the "V" word [vegetarianism] for fear of losing the two "M" words--members and money. Questioning the role our diet plays in the Earth's devastation may hit too close to home for some who call themselves environmentalists.

Michael Greger, MD 
Jamaica Plain, MA 

I read the most recent issue of E, and I researched many organizations that advocate plant-based diets. After doing so, I found myself embarrassed to still be eating meat. After careful consideration and planning, I've decided to slowly start the transition to vegetarianism, much to the delight of many of my friends. Thank you!

Sara Pursell 
Orefield, PA 

Thanks for making the case against meat eating. I grew up in Worthington, Minnesota, home to one of the largest hog-slaughtering plants in the nation. My dad worked there for 20 years. I remember my mom remarking that the place "smelled like Auschwitz. …