Assembly Welcomes Tough New Laws in Crackdown on Diseases; LEGISLATION: Stringent Regulations Are Introduced across Europe to Tackle BSE

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NEW domestic legislation came into force in Wales yesterday to control Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs), including BSE.

With the discovery of more BSE cases in other parts of Europe, more measures have been introduced across the Community to tackle the disease and other TSEs such as scrapie in sheep.

The controls draw heavily on the robust arrangements already in place in the UK. The Community rules are implemented domestically by the TSE (Wales) Regulations 2002.

``These will replace most of the existing national legislation on BSE, helping to consolidate the complex body of regulations, which has grown up over the past few years,'' said a National Assembly spokesman.

Welcoming the measures, Carwyn Jones, Rural Affairs Minis-ter, said, "The new Regulations show the Welsh Assembly Government's commitment to protecting public and animal health from TSEs. Community-wide legislation, based on tough UK measures, will ensure that disease controls are properly enforced throughout Europe. …