Proteins, Proteins Everywhere - MDS Proteomics

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Among the new generation of proteomics companies, MDS Proteomics is one of the first to adopt a high-throughput, industrialized process that includes the use of mass spectrometers--sophisticated instruments that can be used to identify proteins quickly and unambiguously. The aim is to identify membrane proteins (antigens) as targets for therapeutic antibodies and to characterize protein interactions in intracellular pathways as the basis for drug design. Already, the first membrane antigens are being used to generate human monoclonal antibodies, and the first protein targets are being screened for potential drug-lead compounds using computer-aided, small-molecule drug design.

To enhance its capacity for the discovery and development of new medicines, our company has expanded its core technology of mass spectrometry by setting up strategic alliances with other businesses specializing in complementary technologies. Our alliance partners include IBM, for supercomputing and databases; Zyomyx, for protein chips; Abgenix, for therapeutic monoclonal antibodies; and Partners Healthcare Inc., at Harvard, for clinical research. …