Crisis Looms as Population Is Growing Older; Council Faces Huge Problems Caring for Elderly

Article excerpt

Byline: Steve Bagnall

A NORTH Wales council is facing a care crisis because of its growing elderly population, a new report has revealed.

By 2016, the number of people aged 75 and over in Wrexham will increase by 10pc from 1996, while births will decline, according to the National Statistics Office.

The report by the Wrexham Health and Social Care Pathways Task Group showed health among the county's elderly is much worse than other areas of Wales, including heart disease, respiratory disorders and cancer.

Recent statistics showed more than 43pc of people aged over 65 have long term limiting illness - the highest in North Wales and higher than the Welsh average of 41.7pc.

An analysis showed there were heavy demands on services to care for the elderly and serious concerns how they will be provided for.

``It is clear from this evidence that amongst the population of Wrexham County Borough there are areas and groupings, which, in health and economic terms, give significant cause for concern,'' the report said.

It comes after the council decided to shut two residential homes shedding about 100 beds.

Studies showed there are increasing demands for residential homes admission, high rates of hospital referrals coupled with growing emergency admissions.

Council bosses insist they are pursuing a new strategy including focusing better care for elderly people in their own homes. …