Business Wales: Media Wales: Press Reaffirms Its Love Affair with the Queen; COVERAGE: Newspapers Devote Several Pages to the Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Article excerpt

Byline: KAREN PRICE Arts & Media Correspondent

AS BRITAIN'S newspapers devoted their coverage to the Golden Jubilee celebrations yesterday one headline in particular summed up the current feeling of the nation, ``Long Live the Queen.''

It seems that after some turbulent years for the Royal Family, the country - and the Press and media - has fallen in love with the monarchy once again.

But it was a different story just five years ago.

As the country came to grips with the shocking news that Diana, Princess of Wales, had been killed in a car crash, the media rounded on the Queen.

At the time, she was holidaying in Scotland and as days passed and she failed to publicly address the grieving nation, newspapers urged her to ``Speak to us Ma'am.''

Just months later a poll revealed that more than seven out of 10 people regarded the Queen as being ``out of touch'' and almost a quarter wanted her to ``step down now.''

But the scandals and criticisms now appear to be firmly in the past as the Press reaffirms its love affair with the Queen and her family.

This has never been more evident than in the coverage of this week's Golden Jubilee celebrations. …