Motor Racing: NO CAN DO; Coulthard Admits He Won't Match Monaco in Montreal

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DAVID COULTHARD has already conceded he won't win Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix.

Despite having unexpectedly beaten Michael Schumacher at Monaco two weeks ago with the best drive of his career, the Scot doesn't expect a magical repeat.

While the cloistered confines of Monte Carlo suited Coulthard's nimble chassis, the blistering straights of Montreal demand the pure grunt his Mercedes engine lacks.

The Scot said: "That Monaco result was special but I can't see us repeating it. We will be giving it our best again here but I'm not looking forward to Montreal."

Team boss Ron Dennis said: "We have had the joy of Monaco and now we are going to have to take the pain of Canada."

So the natural order of things is expected to be re-established in Montreal, a Schumacher enclave for the past five years.

The world champion has won here three times and when he faltered last year, younger brother Ralf collected the spoils for Williams.

Incredibly, no one on the grid, other than a Schumacher, has won this event but having seen the German shamed by the events of Austria and then humbled in Monte Carlo, his chief rivals, Williams, are hoping the tide is about to turn on this island track in the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Having previously accepted Ferrari's 2002 wonder car made Schumacher's title tilt bullet-proof, Coulthard's triumph has changed all that. …