How Can We Cut Down Violence in Scotland?; the Amount of Violent Crime in Scotland Drew a Strong Response from Our Readers - and Many Made Some Radical Proposals

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Anyone found carrying a knife should be jailed for one year. There is no reason for it. Also four years, etc. should mean four years.

By bringing back the birch and hanging rapists - Steg, Paisley.

I think we should bring back the death sentence for both paedophiles and murderers then the world would be a safer place.

Bring back capital punishment or run prisons as a military regime. That would teach the scum a lesson that they would not forget.

Bring back hanging, the birch and the belt - Wullie, Penilee.

Bring back hanging.

You're scared to walk the streets in daylight now - Bella.

Give the courts more power. Let the punishment fit the crime.

Turn the clock back 30 years, let parents discipline their kids, bring the belt back at schools, and stop pampering offenders, young or old - EP, Airdrie.

We should follow parts of America, lethal injection. The thought of this possible outcome can only be a good thing. Death for death - T.W., Glasgow.

Three years in the Armed Forces would instil discipline, self respect and also give them a trade for civvy life. I did 10 years in the army. It works.

You have to catch the kids and curb it at an early age. Schools, parents and police need to work closely to find a solution - D. Kerr, Ayr.

Bring back hanging - J.H. Milton.

Stiffer sentences. Take a life - serve a life time. More police employed to patrol rough areas - D. …