Residential Property: Archaeological Treasure Trove

Article excerpt

Shropshire County Council called for archaeological evaluation of the former manor site before construction started on the site of the moat.

The team 'got lucky' when it hit the old bridge structure early in the first trench excavation, reported Kevin Blockley of Cambrian Archaeological Projects Ltd.

The moat had been shown on old maps but filled in many years ago though the top layers of evidence were little more than a foot below the surface.

The original bridge structure that spanned the moat was clearly recognisable with its stone bridge abutments, dating from the Middle Ages.

Even more of a find were the preserved timbers of the previous oak bridge, still there under the silt and detritus of generations.

Remnants of a gatehouse on what was quite a large structure indicate the importance of the site and though tree ring analysis was inconclusive, pottery finds in the same layers point to origins in the 14th century.

The remains found justified the whole archaeological project and final reports are now being compiled.

Other discoveries included evidence of the 16th and 17th century modifications to the bridge and later, the use of the moat as a general dumping ground. …