187 Reasons to Make Roads a Priority, Says Police Chief; CRIME: Numbers Killed in Traffic Accidents Rise by 11pc, Assembly Figures Say

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TACKLING the rising number of road deaths must be a policing priority, according to a chief police officer.

New figures show the number of people killed on Wales's roads last year rose by 11pc, to 187.

North Wales Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, who is the Association of Chief Police Officers' spokesman on road policing, said although Welsh police forces were working towards reducing road casualties, they had not yet got it right.

Provisional road accident casualty figures for Wales in 2001, released by the National Assembly, show there were 19 more deaths on Welsh roads compared with the previous year.

The number of children killed on roads in Wales was also up, with 13 deaths in 2001, compared with eight in 2000.

The Government has targeted a 40pc reduction by 2010 in the number of people killed or seriously injured and Mr Brunstrom said Wales was on the way to achieving that.

``We need to treat road deaths as a core policy priority because people are getting killed,'' he said. …