HALLE'S THE BEST BOND GIRL EVER! HALLE'S THE BEST; Nobody's Ever Done It Better Than Berry, Says Ace Welsh Screenwriter

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PUSSY Galore's crown as the best Bond girl ever will be stolen by Halle Berry, claims the Welshman behind the new 007-movie.

Robert Wade, who penned the smash hit The World Is Not Enough, and has written the hotly-anticipated Die Another Die, says Oscar-winning Halle will steal the show.

The 40-year-old from Cardiff said he and writing partner Neal Purvis had Berry in mind when they sat down to write the new 007 adventure. And they say the sexy star who plays the part of femme fatale Jinx will put Pussy and co in the shade.

Robert said: ``Goldfinger is my all time favourite Bond movie to date. The characters are great - Pussy Galore who's everyone's favourite Bond girl and Odd Job.

``And Claudine Auger as Domino Vitali in Thunderball is my all-time-favourite Bond Girl to date.

``But my ideal, if I could have anyone as a Bond girl, would have to be Halle Berry - she's fabulous. Just right.

``I do have actors and actresses in mind when I'm initially writing the scripts. We were thinking of Halle from the start when we were writing this.

``She's ideal because she's very sweet but can seem to have a darker side to her too and she seems like that on screen.

``We didn't really have a second choice if she'd turned it down. She'd not been nominated for the Oscar at the time, so we thought she'd give us a go.'' And Wade, who was brought up in Cardiff before moving to Penarth, reveals how he was criticised for introducing the notoriously saucy Bond girl Christmas Jones to our screens in The World Is Not Enough. …