Spotlight on Collectors Editions. (News)

Article excerpt

CANOGA PARK, Calif. -- The year 2002 has most certainly been one of change for Collectors Editions. The company, which was founded in 1987 by Bill Stone and Mary Margaret Nash, has signed new artists, restructured its corporate team, launched new advertising and marketing plans and more. Indeed, with all of these exciting, new initiatives, the company is sticking to its new motto, "Beyond the Stone Age," in more ways than one.

"At the beginning of 2002, we looked at a changed national situation of unsettled and uncertain markets throughout America's economy. Our conclusions led us to adopt a plan for a focused, goal-oriented company committed to raising the bar in the art business," explained Oscar Chavez, sales and marketing director. "This allows us to concentrate on implementing our vision to maximize potential sales for Collectors Editions and the sales of our client galleries throughout the country."

This "raising the bar" philosophy is composed of many elements under the direction of a new management team composed of several new members, including C.O.O. Jim Pike and Controller Eric Lange. Lana Mohr and Chavez co-manage a team of account executives, which includes Raymond and Patricia Hellen, Stephanie Maldonado and Charles Ray in domestic sales. Ed Kennedy manages inter national accounts. "We are constantly developing new initiatives to create new sales opportunities for our client galleries," explained Chavez.

The new sales opportunities began in March at Artexpo New York, where the company debuted original work from its new artists Avtandil, a Russian mixed-media painter; Lela, a contemporary abstract artist; Joanny, an accomplished French landscape painter; and Michael and Inessa Garmash, a young couple who paint together in an artistic duet. "More than 90 percent of the paintings were sold [at the show]," he said. "A large number of new graphics also sold, and these programs are now successfully launched throughout the American and European markets."

The company has also found continued success with its veteran artists Brian Davis, Hessam, Sabzi, Leonard Wren, Oleg Zhivetin, Francois Fressinier, Michelle Gaudin, Stephen Bergstrom, Schim Schimmel and John Rattenbury. …