Letter: History of Palestine

Article excerpt

Byline: J SEWILL

Sir, - The arguments of MTC of Birmingham (Post, July 10) seem on the face of it soundly based, but when one examines critically the historic sequence of events a wholly different scenario emerges.

In 1947 the United Nations approved the emergence of the independent State of Israel. The land, previously known as Palestine under the British mandate, was to be divided between the Jewish state and the Arab population.

Israel, although not really satisfied with the apportionment of a minority of the land, in the interest of peace agreed; the Arabs refused. In 1948, shortly after the declaration of the State of Israel, combined armies of five Arab countries led by Jordan, with its British-trained officers, attacked the embryo state expecting to destroy it.

They did not succeed, but did overrun and capture the area known as the West Bank, including large parts of Jerusalem. This occupation lasted 19 years; synagogues, cemeteries and Jewish institutes of learning were desecrated or destroyed. …