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CRESSIDA FFORDE, JANE HUBERT & PAUL TURNBULL (ed.). The dead and their possessions: repatriation in principle, policy and practice. xix+340 pages, 30 figures, 5 tables. 2002. London: Routledge; 0-415-23385-2 hardback.

YANNIS HAMILAKIS, MARK PLUCIENNIK & SARAH TARLOW (ed.). Thinking through the body: archaeologies of corporeality, xiii+262 pages, 30 figures, 2 tables. 2002. New York (NY): Kluwer Academic / Plenum; 0-306-46648-1 hardback $80 & 56 [pounds sterling] & 92 [euro].

JANE HUBERT & CRESSIDA FFORDE introduce 27 engrossing papers on the well-known problems of ethics and ownership arising over how First World biological anthropologists and museums treat human remains from `developing' countries and Fourth World peoples. There are case studies and reviews of the issues from the USA--particularly in regard to the Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act (1990)--Australia and New Zealand, South Africa and Botswana, Norway, and Argentina. Added too is a discussion of Rhodes' grave inserted on a sacred hill in Zimbabwe. …