Mother, Daughter Pool Talents to Open Wheaton Antique Store

Article excerpt

Byline: Kim Mikus

A mother and daughter team operate a shop in Wheaton that mixes the old with the new.

Barb Mueller and Julie Lancia, both of Winfield, have talked about opening a shop together for years. They launched JB Winterberry Co. at 124 N. Main St. offering customers antiques as well as new merchandise.

"The whole idea behind the shop is to show people how to decorate for less by using the old with the new," Mueller said.

Home decor, antiques and gifts fill the shop that's set up in a way you would decorate your home. Mueller handles the antique portion of the business while her daughter focuses on crafts and new merchandise.

Shoppers will find new quilts as well as vintage linens at the store. Soy-based candles are also popular at the business that opened at the end of April. Big Band music of the 1940s and 1950s plays at the shop giving it additional charm. The women also do a lot with planters and gardening merchandise.

The women talked about operating a shop for years. When Lancia's children, Mandy, 8, and Dominic, 7, got into school, they thought about it more seriously.

Mueller, a brain tumor survivor, recently retired from a job in the legal profession and decided to live out her dream.

Lancia was a manager at Ellies Emporium in Wheaton for many years before this endeavor.

Meanwhile, another hit at the shop is the Zoppini charm bracelets. The Italian charm bracelets are one of the latest fads for women of all ages. Only select stores in designated regions are permitted to carry the jewelry. …