Open House Offers Look at Probation, Parole Activities

Article excerpt

Byline: RANDI BJORNSTAD The Register-Guard

Lane County's newest community corrections office will hold an open house Friday to give the public a look at the job being done by local parole and probation officers.

The officers supervise thousands of convicted criminal offenders returning to the community after incarceration.

Grant Nelson, spokesman for the local parole and probation system, said more than 3,200 convicted offenders live in Lane County, including 300 convicted of sex offenses and about the same number who have served time for domestic assault or abuse.

Nearly three-quarters of those under supervision in the county have substance abuse problems, Nelson said.

The Lane County Community Corrections program has a dozen offices throughout the county.

The newest, in Sheldon Village at 2475 Willakenzie Road in Eugene, came about in recognition of the fact that many people returning from prison will be low-income and may find residences in publicly subsidized housing projects such as Sheldon Village, Nelson said.

Besides direct supervision of people on parole and probation, the officers also participate in particular crime-stopping activities important to the communities where they work, Nelson said. …