UNLAWFUL; Blair's Anti-Terrorism Legislation Breaches Human Rights Says Judge

Article excerpt


TOUGH new anti-terrorism laws were yesterday ruled illegal under human rights legislation.

A judge said Tony Blair's Government acted unlawfully in pushing through measures targeting only non-British suspects.

It is a victory for nine men held in a top security jail without trial. Campaigners last night called for the law to be scrapped. John Wadham, of Liberty, writing in the Mirror,

said: "The Government has to do something about it."

Human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce, who represents nine men held without trial in a top security jail, said the law was "manifestly" in breach of rights under international treaty.

Lib Dem Simon Hughes said: "If the nine succeed in their individual appeals the Home Secretary will either have to charge them, release them or change the law." A Special Immigration Appeals Tribunal under Mr Justice Collins said the Anti-Terrorism Act pushed through after September 11 was "discriminatory and unlawful" because it allows the detention of only foreign suspects. …