Education: Study Shows How to Develop Children's Art

Article excerpt

Research which could have far reaching implications for the teaching of art in schools is set to be carried out at a Midland university.

Psychologists at Staffordshire University have been awarded a grant to carry out studies - the first of their kind in Britain - into what methods develop children's expressive drawing and why.

The Leverhulme Trust has awarded the university pounds 31,723 to carry out the research on 240 children aged between four and 14 years old.

The children will be set a series of tasks, one of which is to produce three expressive drawings - happy, sad and angry.

Each drawing will then be assessed by artists on the number of different expressive techniques used and on its overall expressive quality.

The project, which will be undertaken between September 2002 and August 2003, is being headed by Dr Richard Jolley at Staffordshire University with the support of Dr Maureen Cox of the University of York.

Dr Jolley said: 'There are a number of different ways children can express moods or ideas and we will examine each of those. …