Police Probe Child Sex Research Files

Article excerpt


POLICE are examining research carried out by a PhD student which documents apparent confessions to previously unreported child sex offences.

Richard Yuill, who is in the final year of his studies at Glasgow University's department of sociology and anthropology, interviewed a series of men who boasted of sex with youngsters.

Two of his interviewees admit they brought foreign boys back to the UK and had sex with them. But the incidents have never been reported to the police, either by the victims or by Yuill.

Copies of the files compiled by Yuill, who gave his Internet subjects a guarantee of anonymity, are now in the hands of detectives from Strathclyde Police.

Last night a highly-placed police source told The Mail on Sunday: 'It does not matter if these incidents occurred 20 or 30 years ago, child sexual abuse is a most serious offence and we have a duty to investigate further.' Yuill, who lives with his mother in Bearsden, near Glasgow, is now likely to be asked to hand over all his research material and interview tapes.

Last year, Yuill had his computer access suspended after The Mail on Sunday highlighted his research and revealed he was in daily contact with a number of Europe's most infamous paedophiles.

In an advert for interview subjects placed in Koinos, a paedophile magazine, Yuill said the purpose of his study was to 'challenge the assumption of abuse in man-boy relationships'. …