Presentation to Address 9/11 Effects on Our Kids

Article excerpt

Byline: Eric Peterson Daily Herald Staff Writer

As the nation prepares to mark the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, parents and teachers will be faced with questions from school-age children who were either shielded from the original event or whose perspective on it has changed over the past year.

To prepare adults for this role, a forum on the psychological and social aspects of children's fear will be held at Health World Children's Museum, 1301 S. Grove Ave. in Barrington, at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 4.

The one-hour presentation will be introduced by state Rep. Mark Beaubien, of Barrington Hills, and conducted by two doctors from the mental health network at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights.

Dr. Joseph J. Novak is the director of the hospital's mental health network and Dr. Rodgers M. Wilson is the medical director of the network's youth services division.

Although many of the children most severely affected by last Sept. 11 may have been identified by now, not all will have been, Novak said.

Not only are the very young getting their first look through the upcoming media coverage of the anniversary, but even some older kids who may have begun suffering from fear and stress months after the fact and whose parents may not have been able to identify the connection. …