University of Ulster Leaps into the Future of Communication

Article excerpt

THE University of Ulster has stolen a march on its rivals on the island by setting up a leading edge voice and data network across its four campuses.

It is the first Irish educational institution to offer the service which will provide video conferencing and lecture (video) streaming across the Jordonstown, Magee, Coleraine and Belfast campuses.

In a collaboration between local education and business, the network was supplied by the Nortel Networks facility in Monkstown, just a couple of miles away from the UUs main Jordonstown campus.

Nortel said it is a clear beginning of new education delivery methods of the future, which will allow the University to promote all of their remote learning capabilities, delivered to over 3,500 students in 15 countries.

It is estimated that the contract has a value of approximately $1m to Nortel.

Harry Young, network manager for UU, added that the new system will result in direct savings of around pounds 50,000-pounds 60,000 a year for the university.

This is because the IP solution converges the voice and data network, rather than running on separate leased lines. …