Exciting New Cars for 1991; Powerful, Fuel-Efficient Engines and Other Under-the-Hood Changes Boost Driving Fun and Comfort

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Exciting New Cars for 1991

Powerful, fuel-efficient engines and other under-the-hood changes boost driving fun and comfort

The new automobile year is upon us, and thanks to a new wave of fuel-efficient, stylish and more powerful automobiles, taking the wheel in 1991 promises to be a fun and exhilarating experience.

Automakers have made interior and under-the-hood improvements to enhance automotive performance and driver comfort, while introducing several new cars--Dodge's Stealth, Buick's Roadmaster, Honda's Acura NSX, Mazda's Navajo and Oldsmobile's Bravada--to meet every motorist's needs.

Although many new cars boast more powerful engines, technical advances in fuel efficiency have eliminated gas guzzlers. For example, General Motor's Quad-4 four cylinder engine produces 180 horsepower and gives the Chevrolet Beretta GTZ an average 31 mpg on the highway.

As with most new products, consumers can expect higher sticker prices for 1991 cars, particularly on the popular models.

Unseen under-the-hood improvements are the major trend of 1991.

Detroit's "Big Three"--Chrysler, Ford and General Motors--have up-graded auto engines on several of their cars to increase power and fuel efficiency. They have also made major improvements to brakes and transmission systems to enhance safety and assure smoother rides. Several cars offer tighter steering and improved road-handling, thanks to new steering systems and new quality-grade tires.

Import automakers, particularly Honda, Nissan, Peugeot and Toyota, are also upgrading their cars, with improved engines, electronically controlled steering mechanisms and suspension systems. In some cases, they have reduced the weight of cars to improve the auto's ride, handling and overall performance.

The new cars also come with impressive interior design, such as wrap-around instrument panels that put controls closer to the driver's hands. Revised cloth and leather seating enhances passenger and driver comfort. Safety features include driver air bags and high-tech sound systems with optional compact disc player heighten fun and entertainment.

In short, the 1991 automobiles offer increased luxury, power and safety, without much sacrifice to the economic consideration of greater fuel-efficiency. Because of these and other changes, automakers hope the 1991 cars will bring excitement and driving pleasure to increasingly sophisticated motorists who demand fun, comfort and safety when taking it to the streets.

PHOTO : Chrysler Imperial, a six passenger luxury sedan, combines a powerful new 3.8 V-6 MPI

PHOTO : engine with an optional electronically controlled automatic air suspension to provide a

PHOTO : consistent and comfortable ride.

PHOTO : Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special is the automaker's best equipped car. Standard features

PHOTO : include a 4.9-liter V-8 engine, improved vacuum-assisted antilock brakes and a

PHOTO : computerized suspension system that checks driving conditions.

PHOTO : Lincoln Town Car brings major improvements to its 1991 models, including a new overhead

PHOTO : cam V-8 engine, a new front suspension, standard four-wheel disc brakes and a new

PHOTO : 20-gallon fuel tank.

PHOTO : Dodge Stealth R/T makes its debut in 1991. The high performance sports car is the latest

PHOTO : collaborative effort between Chrysler and its Japanese partner, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. …