Essay Winners Sound off on Why Reading Is a Kick

Article excerpt

The Daily Herald and Chicago Fire recently teamed up to sponsor The Naperville Public Libraries Summer Reading Program.

Participants were asked to write essays entitled "Reading is a kick because ... "Ten winners were chosen and received free tickets to Fire's Wednesday match at North Central College's Cardinal Stadium.

The following are the top 10 essays announced by Fire stars Kelly Gray and Mike Nugent last week.

Reading is a kick because when you read you get so much from the book, like knowledge and enjoyment all in one. Sometimes a book will be so interesting, it comes "alive" when you read it. Any book can be simply read, but when you really read, you understand the thoughts and emotions of the character like you are there next to them, watching things happen with them. Everyone should be able to have books, because if you don't, you miss out on so much culture and style that comes from a book.

Katie Cataldo

Reading is a kick because it helps you learn and build up your imagination. Sometimes you find a series of books you like, but as you grow up you start to read harder books. My favorite books are the Boxcar Children books because I like to solve the mysteries. Reading is FUN! You don't have to read by yourself. You can also read with your parents.

Danny Knobloch

Reading is a kick because it will lead to many opportunities. I was not the kid that could read at age two. It was hard for me and I had to have a reading specialist. The reading programs at the library helped me to keep reading even in the summer. With a little hard work I got better and now I am a reading buddy and a STAR. My story just goes to show that reading can work for anyone.

Britta Murray

Reading is a kick because it's educational, yet fun at the same time. The sheer imagery that comes as part of the whole package is something you can't get when you watch television. The many genres available ensure there is something out there for you. Reading takes you places you've never gone before: places you may never enter physically, such as the past. Reading also helps you unwind after a long, hard day. In short, you score whenever you read.

Rae Shih

Reading is a kick because books teach you about things that you didn't know. You can travel to different places in your head without leaving your house. …