Oldest Man in Wales Has Died

Article excerpt

THE oldest man in Wales has died at the age of 107.

Wilfred Gray, who would have been 108 in January next year, died on Saturday at the University Hospital of Wales where he had been for three weeks.

Well into his 108th year, Wilfred was, according to staff at the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest man in Wales. He had lived in Cyncoed, Cardiff, for 50 years with his second wife Dorothy, 86, Born into a different age two centuries ago, Wilfred entered the world on January 22, 1895, and the one he leaves is a very different place indeed.

Wilfred was born on the day German physicist Wilhem Rontgen discovered X-rays, one of his earliest memories was watching Queen Victoria's funeral cortege pass when he was six years old.

In an interview with the Echo to mark his 107th birthday in January, Wilfred said: ``She died on my sixth birthday.

``Her coffin was put on a train to Windsor and we saw the carriage go by.''

Although born in London, Wilfred loved Cardiff and up until a few weeks before his death was going on trips to Penarth and the barrage with Dorothy and her sister Jean Cook. Dorothy said: ``He loved the fact Cardiff was such a thriving city. …