Powerful Blast of Inner Emotion; ART: German-Born Abstract Artist Exhibits at Brecon Jazz Festival

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Byline: HANNAH JONES Arts and Media Editor

YOU can see where she gets it from, using art to express spirituality.

She owes a lot to the Der Blaue Reiter (German for Blue Rider) movement whose artists were considered to be the pioneers of abstract art.

In the same mould as Kandinsky, her work is characterised by exuberant colour and profoundly-felt emotion.

It's expressionism in its truest form, rejecting traditions of painting but not the academic principles.

Although the artists belonging to the school left the academic rules of art completely, their work was theoretically well grounded.

The artists of Der Blaue Reiter - August Macke, Franz Marc - believed that every person has an inner and an outer world and the art had to bring these worlds together.

And this is where Ursula Bayer takes her cue.

For her, art is a way of life and a very personal exploration of both colour and feeling.

Speaking from her home in Knighton in Powys, the German-born artist says, ``Art isn't about making a living.

``Underneath all the concepts the work runs like a stream of consciousness showing Surrealist dream imagery with German Expressionist roots breaking through.

``It is very personal work showing glimpses of another world which is at odds with the one most people call reality.''

Bayer, a determined woman who has more to say about her work than any one-sided conversation could allow, is most sensitive to form and colour and the hues in her oils irradiate within strong shapes to create sensuous areas of light. …