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Ritalin and substance abuse:

A concern among some parents with children using Ritalin or similar stimulants for ADHD is that they're putting their kids at increased risk of substance abuse later in life.

The magazine Psychology Today might help them breathe a sigh of relief. A forthcoming analysis of five studies on ADHD and substance abuse found no evidence that stimulants put kids at risk.

In fact, stimulants appeared to have a significant "protective effect." Untreated children with ADHD were three times more likely than their medicated peers to abuse substances during adolescence and 1.6 times more likely to abuse substances as adults.

Sucking up to mosquitoes:

What with all the recent news about West Nile virus, you're probably less likely than ever to let mosquitoes hang around your home.

The Berkeley Wellness Letter offers a tip on how to get that pesky critter that won't succumb to repeated swats with a magazine.

Using the hose attachment, trap it in your vacuum cleaner. Even a small, hand-held machine will do the trick.

Eating before an operation:

The latest research says you don't have to face surgery hungry and dehydrated, according to Fitness magazine.

You can eat a regular meal up to eight hours before having an elective procedure, a light meal - tea and toast - six hours beforehand, and coffee, tea or pulp-free fruit juice up to two hours before. …