The Parable of the Boss of the Body parts.(Opinion &Amp; Editorial)

Article excerpt

AT the time of creation, the body parts were arguing. The problem could not be solved because each one wanted to be the boss of the whole body.

Said the brain, "I do the thinking. Without me, none of you would know what to do. Do you realize I am at the highest point symbolizing my superiority over all of you? So, logically, I should be the boss of the entire body.''

The eyes declared, "No. I do the seeing. Without me, you would not know where to go. Why, you could not even move. You cannot appreciate your surroundings. In darkness, all of you would be useless. I should be the boss of the whole body!''

Exclaimed the heart, "Where do you think you get the strength? From the blood I pump to each of you. Without me, you would all be dead. I am the center of all your abilities. No question, I should be the boss of the human form!''

The lungs shouted, "What use is the blood if it has not been aerated through my function? I breathe all day to purify the whole body. For this, I should be the boss of all body parts.''

Growled the intestines, "You talk about nourishment. Where do you think the nutrients come from? It is through my digestive prowess. …