WASP ATTACK; Sting in the Tail as Late Summer Sparks Hungry Insect Invasion

Article excerpt


SCOTLAND'S soaking wet summer has spawned a frightening plague of hungry wasps.

The dampest weather in decades has forced the fearsome insects to pack a whole season's feeding into just one warm month.

And exterminators have been swamped with calls from householders and businesses desperate to get rid of the stinging pests.

Nest destructions are reckoned to be up more than 30 per cent on previous years, with thousands of householders plagued by wasps brought out by the late blossoming summer.

Rentokil alone says it has destroyed over 500 nests in the past month, compared with 200 last August.

Tony Stevens, a spokesman for the pest control firm, said: "We have been rushed off our feet in Scotland.

"Frustrated homeowners and businesses, especially pubs and restaurants, have been bombarding us with requests to combat wasps.

"Pardon the pun, but the whole place has been buzzing."

Soaring August temperatures and blazing sunshine have helped prolong wasps' short lives.

And they have now launched a desperate search for food after months of inaction because of the rain.

Experts say female wasps are on the prowl for anything sweet and are often drawn to barbecues and beer gardens. …