Jobs: Book Reviews

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The Job Hunter's Handbook, by David Greenwood (Kogan Page) pounds 7.99

A COMPREHENSIVE A-Z filled with jobhunting advice for those seeking work or those wanting tips on a new career.

Written by an experienced personnel officer, this book lists over 130 key topics for jobhunters of all ages.

Planning Your Pension: A TUC guide for everyone at work, by Sue Ward, pounds 8.99

PENSIONS are rarely out of the news today and this handy guidebook helps you make sense of the ever-changing world of work and how it will affect your pension.

It contains expert advice and no jargon to help you best decide how to finance your future.

60 Seconds & You're Hired, by Robin Ryan (Vermilion) pounds 6.99

MANAGERS and human resources experts reveal what makes them tick and the tricks to secure a job.

Research reveals that most interviewers make up their minds about candidates within the first five minutes. This book will help them decided in 60-seconds flat.

nlp for lazy learners, by Diana Beaver (Vega) pounds 8.99

NEURO-linguistic programming is the successful person's best-kept secret. This book reveals how NLP, or the science of excellence, can help you learn faster, achieve your full potential and pass exams.

A series of case studies illustrate how high achievers harness their internal resources. …