ArtFest 2002: Artists' Biographies

Article excerpt

Roonie Iltaf Roonie is a successful Birmingham--based artist working in digital media. A solo exhibition in Bristol of some of his previous work entitled Khoostra was chosen as the 'pick of the week' by The Guardian. As a freelance artist, he undertakes a wide variety of work including commissions as a documentary photographer, and regularly helps others in community arts. At ArtsFest, he'll be exhibiting a collection of digital paintings called Pyar, after the Urdu word for love. It will explore his personal feelings regarding love, sex and emotion, using a computer as a paintbrush to create vibrant images. He said he aims for his work to be emotionally and aesthetically pleasing, and for it to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

LubyThis will be the second time Luby has participated in ArtsFest. After a childhood spent in an eclectic range of places, from the grounds of Chirk Castle in Powys to upstateNew York, she returned to Shropshire in her teens, and now lives and works in Britain. She spent time in Manchester as a freelance community artist and North West Arts Board's Millennium Festival Fund arts advisor, but, missing Shropshire, returned in 2001to set up her own studio with a grant from the Princes Trust.

She has exhibited alongside Prince Charles with the Society of British Landscape Painters in London, and is a gallery artist for the Real Art Gallery in Shrewsbury. She describes her work as 'abstract painting' which she imbues with energy, life and movement using flowing mixed media. The finished articles demonstrate a strong passion for colour, which she believes should be 'splashed everywhere'.

Andrew Baker Having been drawing cartoons since childhood, Birmingham-born Andrew Baker only realised his full potential when he began to study art at school, discovering a natural flair for cartoons and illustration.

He was encouraged to pursue his talents further, and so he did, studying all forms of art in various colleges and universities. After trying his hand at fine art, model making, pottery and animation, he has come to the conclusion it really is in cartoon illustration where his heart lies. Currently working as a freelance, Andrew sayshe is 'delighted' to be involved with ArtsFest, and will work in Centenary Square and Castle Vale this weekend.

Michele Clare Born and bred in the Black Country, self-taught artist Michele learned to see the beauty in weeds growing among the rubble on the derelict land near her home.

This developed into a love and reverence for nature which is now an integral aspect of her work. Attention to detail is paramount, combined with imagination and humour. The devil may not be in her detail, but the imp of mischief certainly is.

Michele works mainly in black and white pen and ink, but also uses coloured inks, watercolours and gouache. She has exhibited widely and also works as an illustrator, her influences ranging from the pre-Raphelites to Giles and the cover of the Queen II LP (as in Freddie Mercury et al). Indeed, rock and heavy metal are an important part of her creative process: she sees the music in terms of colours and shapes. …