Statement of the Global Green Coordination on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Article excerpt

This press release/statement, issued April 10, 2002, and circulated worldwide, was endorsed by the Global Green Coordination, consisting of three elected delegates from each Green Federation--European Federation of Green Parties, Federation of Green Parties of the Americas, African Federation of Green Parties, Alliance Asia/Pacific Greens.

Following the crisis that ended the Oslo agreement process, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has reached a point of no return.

After September 11, 2001, the government of the United States of America publicly admitted the necessity of building an independent Palestinian state, yet so far it has openly supported the Sharon government in the conflict, even if we take good note of Colin Powell's intervention in recent hours thanks to international pressure.

The Arab League has, on its side, recognized the right for Israel to have an independent state, yet it is not giving it the necessary guarantees.

We Greens and citizens cannot remain inactive in this state of open war. Furthermore, the war in the Middle East is leading to dangerous confusions and increases the tensions between the various communities in all countries leading to daily acts of violence, against religious places for instance. Destroying all democratic forces, the war is giving a voice only to the extremists of both sides.

Peace needs the denunciation of the Ariel Sharon government's policy. Its purpose is a systematic destruction of the Palestinian Authority and its elected president, Yasser Ararat, and a systematic destruction of civil society and political actors, so that at the end of the day all counterparts for peace talks will have disappeared. …