Art 33 Basel Draws Visitors from around the Globe. (Show News)

Article excerpt

BASEL, Switzerland -- Art 33 Basel, the International Art Show, closed its gates on June 17 on what show officials said was a phenomenally successful show. The 268 exhibitors from Europe, North and Latin America, Asia and Australia were visited by 50,000 visitors during the seven-day event, in spite of unseasonably steamy summer weather in Switzerland.

Several show participants rated the 33rd staging of the event as an excellent year. Samuel Keller, show director, said, "Art 33 Basel was a true festival of art. The galleries and their artists presented outstanding works and were rewarded accordingly."

Visitors to the show came from around the globe. In addition to private collectors from every continent, several important museums sent delegations to Art 33 Basel. A large number of artists also visited the show, many of whom had created works for this show in particular and installed them in person.

According to a survey by show management, all the exhibiting galleries succeeded in finding potential buyers for their works of art. All the participants spoke of good to excellent sales. Long-standing exhibitors rated this year's Art Basel as one of the best in the show's history. Excellent sales were achieved in all price categories. The interest from exhibitors was dedicated both to the Classical Moderns and to contemporary art. The outsize projects at Art Unlimited also received great attention from collectors. And works by young artists, some of whom are still unknown, sold well.

The attending cognoscenti reported the quality and variety of works exhibited at Art 33 Basel was unique on a worldwide scale. The exhibiting galleries had done their utmost to present the most interesting works of art and to display them in carefully conceived exhibitions. Various booths showed thematically grouped exhibitions and one-person shows. While Art Basel has been known as an important show for the classics of modern art, it has in recent years also established itself as an important platform for contemporary art, setting standards in this area, too. …