Bill Simon's 'Biggest Hurdle' -Fellow Republicans.(LETTERS)

Article excerpt


Lyn Nofziger, a former adviser in the Reagan administration, is free to make any comments he likes about his perception of the state of Bill Simon's campaign for governor ("Former Simon aide condemns flip-flop in California race," Nation, Monday). Those are his opinions, whether or not they mirror reality. However, since he is quoted as saying he only spent a few days anywhere near the campaign, perhaps his perceptions may not be anywhere near reality.

However, your readership should expect a far lesser amount of perception and a far greater amount of reality when your reporters objectively report on the state of the Simon campaign. The reporter of the above-mentioned article states, "Mr. Simon failed to make headway against [Gov. Gray] Davis in a variety of polls ...." Clearly, this is not the case, and your readers need to know this.

In the first Field poll taken earlier this summer, Mr. …