Jackson Dismisses Founding Fathers; Pegs Democracy's Beginning to 1965 Voting Rights Act.(NATION)

Article excerpt

Byline: Steve Miller, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

EAST LANSING, Mich. - The Rev. Jesse Jackson yesterday told about 600 Michigan State University students that America's democracy was 37 years old, not 200-plus, and that "democracy as we know it did not begin in Philadelphia, where a bunch of white men wrote the laws."

"These men's wives were not allowed [to vote], these laws were made at a time when only white men had the right to vote," Mr. Jackson said, noting that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was the commencement of "true democracy."

Speaking at the Jack Breslin Student Events Center, Mr. Jackson also used his platform at what organizers called a "Rally for Peace" to continue his criticism of Republican leaders, focusing on President Bush.

Any military action in Iraq, he said, at this point would violate U.N. and international law.

"But Mr. Bush says, 'All right, I'll go to the U.N.,' then he tells them that unless you follow me, I'll call off trade with your country," said Mr. Jackson, a frequent critic of the administration.

"America is a great nation," Mr. Jackson continued. "But we only represent 6 percent of the world. English is a great language ... but it is a minority language ... Jesus didn't speak it. We are a great nation, but we have to be of service, we do not have to be superior.

"Most people on this globe are yellow, black or brown, non-Christian, female, young, poor and don't speak English."

Mr. Jackson made the stop here as he returned home to Chicago from a Friday rally in Washington to protest the Bush administration's policy of investigating and detaining people. He accused Mr. Bush of wanting to "rule the world."

The event here was poorly attended after student organizers predicted a crowd of 6,000. The group provided 2,000 free tickets to students and booked the arena area of the center, which has a capacity of 15,000. …