E-Business: Database Is Tool for Research All over Europe

Article excerpt

A new database that is expected to have a huge impact on the European research community has been launched at the University of Birmingham.

EuroStudies on the Internet went live last week, following a collaboration between Information Services at the University of Birmingham and the Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) at the University of Bristol.

The gateway - www.sosig.ac.uk/eurostudies - will provide high quality, peer-reviewed learning and teaching resources on European Studies and ensures that researchers are kept up to date with current issues and developments as they happen. Research students both in the UK and further afield will benefit - the inclusion of materials in a range of European languages ensures a much wider use across Europe.

The range of subjects covered includes defence and national security, international law (including diplomacy, international migration and colonisation), minorities (race and ethnicity), political science (including civil and political rights, elections and political sociology) and parliaments.

The site provides materials and resources from different government organisations, official documents and full text sources.

One of the features of the Eurostudies Gateway is the range of options available to the user on ways to interrogate the database - searching is made easy through any combination of keywords, Thesaurus entries, indexes by country or by region. …