Reader's Letter: Human Price of Violence

Article excerpt

THIS week we should all remember the victims of the terrorist atrocities of September 11. The simple and dignified memorial garden outside the American Embassy in London will be a lasting reminder to all those whose lives were cruelly snatched away from them on that bleak Tuesday morning exactly one year ago today.

Across the Atlantic, the families of the victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks will also be marking the anniversary of the deaths of their loved ones. But, unlike President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, they will be speaking out against war and violence, shattering some of the illusions of those who sanctioned military action in Afghanistan and are now urging the same in Iraq.

During the days immediately before and after September 11, the ``No More Victims'' speaking tour organised by September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows will place the human dimension and experience of the 9/11 attacks and of war at the centre of the international debate over the ``war on terrorism''.

The American families will be joined by victims of terrorism and war from Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian territories, the Philippines, and Japan. David Potorti, Eastern US Co-ordinator of Peaceful Tomorrows, has said: ``By putting a human face on the casualties of terrorism and war, we hope to demonstrate the price of responding to violence with violence.''

David, who lost his brother, James, in the World Trade Centre attack, reminds us that: ``The true cost of the US war on terror, in human terms, is reflected in the experiences of these people, which have led them to seek alternatives. …