NLC Launches Racial Justice and Race Relations Project. (Cities Promoting Racial Equality)

Article excerpt

The National League of Cities remains committed to helping local elected officials reduce racial and ethnic tensions. By providing resources such as research, publications, and seminars; NLC seeks to strengthen the capacity of local officials on key issues.

In this series of articles leading up to Race Equality Week, September 23-29, cities will be given an opportunity to share their accomplishments and ongoing efforts to reduce racism and achieve racial justice in their cities.

The National League of Cities has launched a three-year project to continue the effort to help local officials reduce racism and improve race relations.

Supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation, the goal of Racial Justice and Race Relations is to strengthen the effectiveness of local government and the leadership capacity of local officials in racial justice and race relations.

The project's objectives are:

* To conduct a broad information outreach strategy targeted at the nation's municipal leadership, other organizations active in this effort as well as the public at-large.

* To employ an applied research and development strategy to increase understanding of what cities can and should be doing to continue to make progress and to measure that progress in achieving racial justice and bridging racial and ethnic divides.

* To create materials and workshops that will help local leaders become more effective in addressing the impact of racism.

Some of the current activities of the Racial Justice and Relations Project include:

* Supporting Race Equality Week by encouraging organizations to assist cities and towns to use the Race Equality Kit to strengthen the effort and by providing follow-up to those that request additional information.

* Providing articles to the Nation's Cities Weekly highlighting successful programs and ongoing efforts to reduce racism and promote racial justice.

* Updating the Campaign To Promote Racial Justice Workbook with current contact and program information

* Developing and supporting Congress of Cities workshops and activities. …