A Lying Cop, Plight of physicians.(Opinion &Amp; Editorial)

Article excerpt

HERE is an amusing incident captured on "TV Patrol" in Cebu a few days ago. It documented a lady complaining that a policeman had just extorted from her a cellphone.

In a confrontation at the police station, the cop vehemently denied, swore to high heavens of his innocence and stoutly challenged anyone to feel his pocket if there was any cellphone there.

Guess what happened? The cellphone rang from the other pocket of his pants! Poor cop, as we would say in boxing, he was not saved by the bell.

His furious superior divested the extortionist cop of his badge right there and then, and disarmed him of his revolver.

LESSON: Be humble. Accept your fault. "The humble man is pleasing to the Lord."

* * *

(A certain Dr. Maryanne wrote me this letter to express her sentiment in regard to their plight as physician and health workers, especially in the light of the new proposal imposing death penalty on negligent doctors.)

* * *

"Since time immemorial, it has been a 'pitfall' of every health worker's struggle to uplift their life condition in the country.

The exodus of nurses going abroad is a very BAD IMAGE to our society. We all know that working abroad means relief of their distressing condition experienced in our community due to POOR WAGE COMPENSATION, insufficient to sustain daily life existence.

* * *

For medical practitioners, our government is now adding another agony. Government leaders propose to impose DEATH PENALTY on negligent doctors.They have never been concerned how to uplift the sad plight of physicians! Never have we read or hear the government's effort to allot just and fair compensations to weary, overburdened doctors/nurses working 40 hours and more per week to patients. …