Why Some Seriously-Ill Patients Just Haven't Got a Prayer . . .; LAMPETER: University Conference Will Look with a Scientific Eye at Religious Beliefs

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SCIENTISTS will this week reveal the results of studies which show patients with illnesses fare better - if someone is praying for them.

The studies will be discussed at a conference in the University of Wales, Lampeter, later this week.

At the conference, on Saturday, experts will give details of their pioneering project to unite science and religion.

The UK project, entitled Science, Con-sciousness and Ultimate Reality, is de-signed to look with a scientific eye at religious beliefs.

At the conference will be nurse Penny Sartori who, as The Western Mail revealed earlier this month, is doing research into near-death experiences at Swansea's Morriston Hospital.

The 31-year-old of Uplands, Swansea, working under the supervision of consultant neurophysiologist Dr Peter Fenwick, has spoken to 50 patients who said they had ``out of body'' experiences when close to death.

Working at the hospital's intensive care unit, Mrs Sartori has found most of the patients reported floating towards a bright light, feeling love and peace and seeing dead relatives before being told to go back.

Many of them were clinically dead when experiencing the feelings, meaning they should not have been able to dream or even form memories.

But many reported the movements of emergency doctors and nurses exactly after being resuscitated. …