India-Pakistan Relations Are Not a 'Zero Sum' game.(LETTERS)

Article excerpt


Unfortunately, S. Rob Sobhani views U.S.-Indian and U.S.-Pakistani relations in a zero-sum context ("New order requires New Delhi," Op-Ed, Friday). The government of Pakistan welcomes intensive relations between the United States and both countries as a positive-sum scenario wherein the United States can have equally good and strong bilateral relations with both. This has been one of the pluses of the post-September 11 world order, in which Washington is uniquely positioned to have leverage with and influence in both Islamabad and New Delhi. This trilateral relationship has enabled the United States to play a moderating and positive role in defusing tensions between India and Pakistan.

Unfortunately, what Mr. Sobhani omits to mention is that Pakistan's robust and effective efforts at counterterrorism have resulted in the apprehension of more than 400 individuals who have been handed over to the United States, not to mention the high-profile raids netting Abu Zubaidah and Ramzi Bin-Al-Shibh. …