Dossier Tells of Iraq Plans for Chemical and Nuclear Weapons

Article excerpt

The long-awaited dossier on Iraq highlights 'significant' additional information it says is available to the Government from secret intelligence sources.

This intelligence has provided a 'fuller picture' of Iraqi plans and capabilities and shows that Saddam Hussein attaches 'great importance' to possessing weapons of mass destruction.

Here are the report's main points. It says Iraq has: Continued to produce chemical and biological agents and has military plans for the use of chemical and biological weapons

Some of these weapons which are deployable within 45 minutes and command and control arrangements are in place to use chemical and biological weapons

Developed mobile laboratories for military use, corroborating evidence of mobile production of biological warfare agents Pursued illegal programmes to procure controlled materials of potential use in the production of chemical and biological weapons programmes

Tried covertly to acquire technology and materials which could be used in the production of nuclear weapons

Sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa, despite having no active civil nuclear power programme that could require it. …