LaCASA Hosts Talk on Sexual Behavior

Article excerpt

Byline: AbScalf Daily Herald Staff Writer

The Lake County Council Against Sexual Assault will host its second annual community conference titled "Children"s Sexual Behaviors: What We Need to Know."

The event will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 11 at the Greenbelt Cultural Center, 1215 Green Bay Road south of Belvidere Road near North Chicago and Waukegan.

Jane Hunter, LaCASA's director of community education who organized the event, said it is often hard to understand whether a child's sexual behaviors are part of development or an indication of trauma.

She added there is a fine line because children absorb sexual overtones in society. Professionals need a new frame of reference.

"The goal is to gain a clear understanding in regards to what behaviors are healthy and natural that children exhibit in regards to sexual behaviors," Hunter said.

Information will be provided to help professionals recognize and modify problematic sexual behavior. Participants will learn ways to foster healthy sexual development in children and how to effectively communicate with children about sexuality.

"With these things, we can create a healthy set of strategies to reduce child abuse," Hunter said.

While LaCASA offers a variety of services to assist sexual assault survivors including medical and legal advocacy, emergency room and police training and a 24-hour hotline, Hunter adds their mission is not only intervention, but also prevention. …