School Should Be about Students' Education, Not the Grades

Article excerpt

Byline: Tracy Siegel

Years ago, schools were here for one purpose - to give students an education that would support them in life. The students were encouraged to receive decent grades and make relationships that would last forever.

Times have changed. Now, grades, athletics and dances are only a few elements that students have to worry about. Are pressures in school too much? Have schools, such as Vernon Hills High School, gone overboard with their expectations for students?

The main reason people go to school is still to receive an education. The difference though, is students focus more on the grade they will get for learning. Kids are repeatedly told how important good grades are. So many colleges are raising their standards for acceptance and this directly affects each high school student.

The pressure is high for a student that wants to go to a competitive college. They will have to receive excellent grades to be accepted. No longer are people working hard for the love of learning, they are now working for the letter they will get in the end. This can cause a lot of stress for a student.

Some people are just not capable of obtaining the high grades. This can frustrate students when they compare themselves to others. This is why grades should not be the focal point of school. The mere action of learning is much more important.

"What pressures me the most is my homework load. Sometimes, I stay up until 3 a.m. finishing it," said Aksana Sherman, a senior at VHHS.

Since most students are trying hard to receive good grades, finishing their homework is usually a necessary task. Some classes have an overwhelming amount of homework that only adds to the pressure.

Not only do students have to spend much of their free time working on their homework, they need to put effort in to it if they want a good grade.

It is not uncommon for a student to have a daily workload where they have to read three chapters in their English class, study for a French test, and work on a social studies project. …