Encourage Literacy with a Recipe Unit. (Grade K)

Article excerpt

Use the "Following Recipes" activity from Ladders to Literacy: A Kindergarten Activity Book (Brookes Publishing Co.: 800-638-3775) to spark early literacy in your kindergartners.

Children learn that print can be used to label and identify objects, to record and remember sequences of steps, and to guide action. This activity focuses on the function of the written recipe and the object labels. The teacher should repeatedly refer to these two forms of print to show the children how print may serve as an organizational framework for individual and collective activities.

Materials: Recipe ingredients; containers; utensils; the recipe, written in large print on a big sheet of paper. (Write each step of the recipe in a different color, accompanied by a picture representing objects and actions involved in each step.)

Get cooking: Arrange the ingredients for making favorite foods (e.g., combread, guacamole, gelatin) on a table. Explain the activity, referring to the recipe written on a large sheet displayed close to the table vertically.

Ask the children to identify each ingredient, and write the names of the ingredients on labels attached to the corresponding objects. Have the children prepare the foods, and assist them, as necessary, in following the recipe. Once the activity is completed, encourage the children to reconstruct the sequence of actions. …