McCain Seeks to Reject Campaign-Finance Rules; Arizonan Dissatisfied with FEC regulations.(NATION)

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Byline: Stephen Dinan, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

Advocates of overhauling campaign-finance rules will introduce a Senate measure today to try to overturn the Federal Election Commission's new campaign-finance regulations.

Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican who was the driving force behind the campaign-finance law Congress passed earlier this year, is displeased with the rules the FEC has written to implement his legislation and said he will seek to kill them.

Mr. McCain will introduce a resolution that would invoke Congress' powers under the Congressional Review Act to overturn a federal agency's regulations, said Matt Keller, legislative director at Common Cause, one Mr. McCain's allies in the fight to revamp campaign-finance laws.

Mr. Keller acknowledged a bill is unlikely to pass this year - even if it cleared the Senate, it would have a difficult time getting through the House before adjournment -but he said introducing the resolution now is important.

"It's a signal of our intention. It is to let people know we are not letting this go without notice, or without a fight. Whether it gets done this session or next Congress, it doesn't matter to us. But it will get done," he said. Roll Call first reported on Mr. McCain's resolution yesterday.

The campaign-finance law, which President Bush signed into law in March, generally called for a ban on "soft money," the large contributions to political parties that are usually spent on organizational activities and issue advertisements. The law is currently being challenged in court, but the FEC has been writing regulations to implement the law.

The six commissioners are close to finalizing some of the rules, and those who pushed for the law say the FEC is allowing too many loopholes for elected federal officials to raise soft money for state and local parties. …