If You're Job Hunting, Head to Library for Guidance

Article excerpt

Byline: Dan Zack

In these challenging economic times, there is one prime resource for people who find themselves between employment, switching careers, or redirecting their profession.

Here they will find literally hundreds of free materials. Courteous, helpful people stand ready to answer questions and guide searches for brighter opportunities.

Where is this place? It's your public library.

Indeed, here at Gail Borden Public Library we have extensive resources waiting for you which span the job market, from high school students looking for their first job (look at "How to Get a Job If You're a Teenager"), to boomers considering career field changes.

You can begin your research at any one of several points. If you have access to the Internet, search our library catalog on the Web site at www.gailborden.info for materials.

With a valid library card, you can find out if the book is on our shelves, and if not, when it should be back. You may even reserve the book online and pick it up later.

When you come to the library, check at our adult services reference desk. Our knowledgeable staff can direct you to a host of resources.

At the reference desk, you will also find a bibliography titled, "Jobs and Careers." This lists general career guides, such as "What Color is Your Parachute: A Practical Manual for Job Hunters and Career Changers;" the American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries; the Greater Chicago Job Bank; and the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Books on job search strategies are also popular fare.

Here you will also find specific career guides, focusing on everything from careers in word processing to opportunities in medical professions.

To round things out, there are materials on preparing cover letters and resumes, and interviewing strategies and techniques.

There are even test preparation books on exams in certain employment arenas.

The main stacks of the library are filled with books on getting and keeping a job. For those just starting out, there is You will find many of the resources you need in our Index Reference Room. …