Egyptian Artefacts Still a Big Attraction in Ireland

Article excerpt

OSIRIS is not the only mummy on display in Ireland.

The National Museum in Dublin has for the last 250 years owned the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in Ireland - some 300 items - although its current exhibit only went on public display in 1997.

Records show the first known Egyptian mummy arrived at Dublin port in 1754. One of those at the National Museum is of the lady Tjentdinebu from the XXIInd Dynasty, in a brilliantly painted coffin.

Other exhibits include the mummy of a youth from the Roman period, and a macabre mummified hand with a ring still on one of the fingers.

Mary Cahill of the National Museum told us: "Our Egyptian collection has been static for more than 80 years and so none of our mummies are among those listed in the 1972 convention.

"While they would not be considered significant relics by the Egyptians, they are enormously important to our display and we would certainly not want to have to return them."There are far more valuable items on display at the National Museum in London, and at the Louvre in Paris. …