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Welcome to Volume 9, Issue 2 of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management. In an attempt to disseminate appropriate and useful information in a timely manner, one of the aims of the Journal is to provide a link between the Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure, Travel and Event industries and academia. This issue hopes to achieve this aim by providing a forum for the circulation of contemporary research to both industry and the wider academic community.

An understandable criticism of academic research and the usefulness of the information generated centres around the length of time research results take to filter through to industry. Academic conferences have traditionally been the forum where university academics present findings from recently completed research or, indeed present a synopsis of work completed to date in the form of `work-in-progress' abstracts. The focus of this issue is to develop a closer relationship between industry and academia through the publication of papers from two recent Hospitality and Tourism research conferences.

The first of these was the Council for Hospitality and Tourism Education (CAUTHE) 12th National Research Conference which was held in Fremantle in February this year. Traditionally, this conference represents the major gathering of Hospitality and Tourism academics in Australia, and 2002 was no exception, attracting 220 delegates from Australia and overseas. Some 53 fully refereed papers and 108 working abstracts were presented across all disciplines, with the area of Event Management making a significant contribution. The editors of the Journal met to choose a representative sample of fully refereed papers and the first eight articles in this issue are the result of extensive deliberations. …